Step 1 – Discover

After scheduling your Prima Impact Digital Brand Audit, we will send you our Digital Brand Audit Questionnaire to complete. This helps us understand your business goals and objectives, determine where your business currently stands, define your target market, and document how you are currently meeting their needs. This process will also open your eyes to how you currently operate online, and how you can begin to improve. We know you’ll have a few “ah-ha moments."

Step 2 – Dissect

Once we receive your completed Digital Brand Audit Questionnaire, we analyze your website, social media platforms, digital presence, and any other relevant marketing materials. Then we refine your messaging to speak to your target audience and develop a list of items to improve your visibility, increase your revenue, and give you back more of your most precious asset: time. 

Step 3 – Discuss

We will have a RECORDED 90 minute phone conversation (so you can go back and reference our conversation at anytime) where we'll share with you the results of your assessment. We’ll discuss how to maximize your digital business, use your website as a powerful business tool, benefit from social media, optimize your brand messaging, and improve the performance of your business overall.

Step 4 – Deliver

To finish, we send you a summary of your digital brand audit with a recording of our 90 minute call that you can listen to as many times as your need. You’ll also receive a comprehensive Digital Brand Checklist full of steps you can take to build a powerful and magnetic online presence.

The Benefits of the Prima Impact Digital Brand Audit

  • Brand Clarity. Get clear about your brand so others know you are the solution to their needs.
  • Better Product and Service Offerings. Offer products that are a better fit for your target audience.
  • Competitive Advantage. Clearly define how you stand out from your competition.
  • Consistent Messaging. Ensure that your messaging is clear and magnetic across all of your platforms.
  • Build Your Email List. Create the right offer and promotional strategy, then turn your website into a lead machine.
  • Leverage Social Media. Strategically use social media to get your target audience on your website.
  • Increase Website Traffic. Optimize your website to get found on search engines.