Should your content be a sports car or a bus? The answer may surprise you.

I'm asking this question because when crafting your content, you must keep in mind what it does for you. If well executed, content drives around the internet, picks up potential customers along the way, and drops them off at your front door - your website (or, in the case of a blog, maybe your side door?)

In this way, content needs to be thought of as a vehicle. But what kind? A flashy sports car ages quickly, depreciates every second after you buy it, needs frequent tune ups, and only fits a few people at a time. Think of content tied to that irresistible flash trend buzzing around twitter for a few days as this type of content. It's sexy, but it has little long term value once published. Think #thedress for a classic example. At the time, they may give you a boost in traffic. For most brands, content tied to trends like these offer temporary blips. 

I'm not trying to say you shouldn't engage with current events. Without a doubt, opportunities to get in front of eyeballs add value to your business. But what you should really strive to build is a fleet of buses. Buses might be boring, but they are doing work. They provide a return on their initial investment many times their cost, and do so for a long, long time. And you don't just drive them on weekends from May through September. 

This is where solid "bus content" shines. It provides an ROI for months, maybe years, after you add it to your fleet. "Bus content" climbs Google rankings, lands in influencer's go to stack of articles they share when they want to make a point, and maintains its relevance despite the newest fads.  

As with any strategy, a single-sided approach will always get you into trouble. Sometimes a sports car is just what you need. Maybe once a year you can even build yourself a commercial Jet and add that to your fleet (just make sure it flies often). Never forget why you write an article or shoot a video, or even just send a tweet. You do it to engage with existing and potential customers, build an audience, and nurture trust. You need content that is willing to work and add value to your marketing efforts. 9 times out of 10, that means you'll want a bus over a sports car.